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Why Walker Smale

On the face of it you may feel like all estate agents are the same - but they are not! Anyone can decide to trade as an estate agent without out any formal training or background in the industry yet with a professional website and some nice, carefully written words they could seem very plausible and worth giving a try - don't. Some of these 'agents' are just on-line and some have a high-street presence.

Buying and selling property can be a complex and time consuming activity relying heavily on excellent communication, good management and experienced professionals. So Why choose Walker Smale as your estate agent?

  • We will provide you with an accurate market appraisal of your home taking into account all the influencing factors affecting the property market, whilst considering your plans for the future.
  • We will organise an Energy Performance Certificate for you by one of our approved Energy Assessors if required, along with a floorplan of your property.
  • We will take great care how we present your property to prospective buyers and provide a detailed multi-page property brochure as well as online listings on the property portals.
  • Whilst we embrace the internet we will believe in tried and trusted approach of speaking to as many prospective buyers as possible to encourage greater viewing activity. We follow up every viewing and will give you comprehensive feedback coupled with appropriate advice.
  • We will manage all stages of the transaction for you and provide guidance every step of the way through to completion of the sale. You will also have the benefit of our advice, if you need it, with any connected purchase and, of course, you have access to our mortgage advisor if required.

Why does this matter? It matters because selling or letting a property is not just about marketing to an audience of people through the internet or newspaper and hoping or the best. At Walker Smale we embrace all the of the modern techniques for reaching people but combine it with running a traditional approach alongside to guarantee that we exhaust every avenue in finding a suitable buyer or tenant for your property.

Ask yourself the following questions when thinking about instructing an agent:-

  • How much would it be worth to know your agent valued your property correctly to achieve the best possible price - this may not always be the highest valuation?
  • Beyond finding a suitable buyer or tenant is where an experienced agent really comes into their own, so imagine having found a buyer for your property and you have consequently committed fees on a linked purchase - how much would it be worth to know (monetary and emotionally) that you are in the hands of an agent that can draw upon all of their experience to hold your sale together when obstacles arise along the way?

Why Walker Smale? Because with experience, hard work and determination we provide the service you need and deserve. For a fair fee you will have the comfort of knowing that your agent is more than capable of dealing with important decisions about what is likely to be your largest asset or investment.